Transformers and Shedding Skin

So I want to let everybody know what the Retreat Center means to me.
This summer I was forced to come to terms with the function of the mountain along my path.

I want to begin with arms extended and thank all of the seminar participants for all of the memories this summer. It was eventful, transformative, and unlike the years prior. It is amazing how that span of 5 weeks is gaining momentum, not only in notoriety and demand, but in power of transformation.

We are working hard and doing great things. We have many returning guests and the bonds are growing stronger as we become more comfortable and trusting in one-another. Consequently, a sense of purpose has emerged which supports an environment for learning and training. In fact, I feel like I have my own team of elders and guides to count on. I look forward to next year's fresh, summer air.

Sometimes it takes the act of one person to stand up and speak with conviction to jolt us out of our old-skin. When a person speaks with assertive-passion it strikes a cord. This is what happened when Thora stood before us and said, "Everyone has their own story to tell. From your different backgrounds, the scars you have are just a memory of who you USED to be and the fact that you are HERE, NOW - this particular moment, this particular time - is enough. You don't need any special skill or talent, just YOU."

She told me afterwards that it didn't quite come out the way she planned, but I had received a great message as a result of her speaking-up.

I agree with Thora and I want to add to what she said. It goes along with what the Retreat Center means to me. Thora said that being HERE, NOW is enough. When "HERE" is the Retreat Center, then forces are combined in such a way that can only lead to ascension.

You see, this mountain is a catalyst for what I like to call "shedding skin." What is shedding skin? It is emergence. It is breaking through. It is a rising-above and out-of as a result of dumping, getting rid of, and letting go of an old version of oneself.

Dumping one's old concepts or ideals, ridding oneself of old attachments or habits, letting go of the past, learning to forgive oneself and others - all of this sheds uneeded, unwanted aspects of the old-self, to be reborn in new skin. Like this, we really put the word "heal" back in Health.

I have seen a lot of people come up and down this mountain. What I have concluded is that the mountain engages you in such a way that you must shed some skin. What is the mountain to me? It is a place where great internal work is done, if one chooses to submit to this formula of transformation.

Sure, you can call us transformers. I'm kidding. But seriously, there are so many aspects of myself that have changed for the better and I STILL wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes.

If you are considering coming to the mountain then you are thinking that you need to address some issues in your life, or maybe restore a sense of purpose. If you are in fact coming to the mountain then you are consciously make the choice to be engaged, step through "the door," and shed some skin. It will be the first of many cross-roads where it comes down to choice.

Speaking of choices, if Dr. Yang presents you with a choice, take the red pill.

Again, I want to say thank you guys for all those moments, gifts, hugs, encouragement, kind thoughts, kind words and simply just being there and being you.

Don't forget to exhale, and wherever you may roam...