Semi Sleep Paralysis

I have to write this down (like... asap) before I forget the details. Technically I already forgot the event once, but more about that later.

There really is no way of "warming you up" so I'm just going to dive right in. First I pose the questions: Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to find that you cannot move your body? Upon waking have you ever literally had no control of your arms, legs, face? Have you ever heard of Sleep Paralysis? It's quite frightening.

So we are sitting in the sauna, the evening of Thanksgiving; and one of the current guests, at the time, casually mentions my meditation article... found on "></a> ...shameless plug.

This article is lengthy and, to me, convoluted. I am currently devising a program of logical progressions for meditation, but more on that another day.

I mention to this guest that, in my opinion the trick to our meditation system is the semi-sleep state. As soon as I said that a flood of memories came racing back from the night before in which I experienced an episode of Sleep Paralysis.

As these visions were entering back into my mind, I was kicking myself in my head for forgetting all about this profound experience that I am about to tell you about.

Here's the thing. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. I can still remember waking up in the cabin one night - this was about 3 or 4 years ago - and when I become conscious I try to roll over. However this terrible fear comes over me as I realize that I have no control over by body.

In this state the only thing that you can do is scream at the top of your lungs - which I did - and hope someone comes and helps you wake up.

This is how I awoke in the middle of the night, prior to this sauna session. However, the ways in which this experience differed from the past continues rattle my shell.

This is how it went down. I woke up in my tent and, again, it is Sleep Paralysis. I tried to move. I tried to throw a punch (why? I dunno probably cuz that's what I do all day) and I just couldn't move my arm. This is when the awareness the paralysis enters, but this time I'm conscious enough to tell myself not to panic.

I say to myself, "Ok, why don't I just stay in this space and observe it for as long as I can."

How can I explain this feeling? If I was presumed dead and woke up to find myself 6 feet underground this is how it would feel. Does that make sense?

As I said before, this has happened to me before and this time I was aware and quite curious. I observed the feeling of this space between my body and... I guess my center of consciousness; like being in a cocoon.

Here's where it gets crazy. The next thing I notice is that I can hear voices from outside of my tent, and here is how my thought processing went - still in sleep paralysis, mind you:

"Holy crap, who is outside of my tent at this hour? I am in the woods, away from the house, so why would there be anyone out here making such a ruckus? Don't they know I am here trying to sleep? Wait... everyone else is asleep too! So what are these whispers outside my tent?

I know what I will do! I will creep to my tent door, open the zipper really fast, and scare them all away! Wait... I can't move my body! I have no control over my body!

Enter a profound feeling of vulnerability and fear. I was now somewhere I have never been before, and the same terrifying feeling of that first episode of Sleep Paralysis takes over. I am completely helpless and I cannot defend myself.

I thinking, "I have to protect my space! If I cannot protect myself in the physical plane, I must protect my energy space. I need to create some kind of barrier so that they know they are not aloud within this space. It became apparent that they were from the spirit-realm. It was like the movie insidious.

So I in my mind, I sink my weight and start circling. I put my hands up to guard and I start spinning as fast as I can. I even throw some punches and kicks and I think to myself, "I'm doing Kung Fu? I'm doing Kung Fu ...and I'm in the spirit realm!"
Lucid dreaming
Hi Jav

Glad to read this. Sorry you had the unpleasant variety of paralysis...but IMO I think this is a good sign. You are developing your energy body through meditation, to be be capable of maintaining self-awareness (and eventually immortality?) separate from the physical body. When you experience your 'mind' separate from the body, it can be completely horrifying.

I have had this and related experiences. Actually, I arrived at this in the opposite way. As a child, I didn't sleep. Sometimes for days. I had too much energy. I experienced all kinds of starnge energy problems, and wasn't in an environment that paid attention to such things. So, slowly as I entered my teens I became very interested in the mind and energy and meditation, as a way to try and control the problems I was having while trying to sleep.

(In fact, you could say that this is how I eventually found qigong, YMAA... and met you in the first place)

Eventually, I learned how to lucid dream safely and easily, without that experience of terror. I later learned that in the Tibetan tradition, there is a whole process of Dream Yoga in which you learn to be lucid, and then eventually after exploring that 'place', you sit in meditation while lucid in the dream state. This is a stage to prepare the body for transcending death and entering that in-between place, the intermediate state, with your full consciousness engaged. Or so I have read.

So, sorry you had a negative experience, but I highly recommend you start putting in some time developing lucid dreaming, since it seems to be spontaneously occurring to you already.

Will be happy to discuss further.

Peace, happy holy daze, David